the times you never forget....
the times you never forget….

As I sit snuggled with my children watching Christmas and holiday specials on tv , im reminded of those special times that I like to call the unforgettables. Unforgettables are the fuel of memories good or bad, that are usually ignited by holidays and family gatherings. Unforgettables differ from your typical memories in the sense that a simple smell or taste or even a little deja vu can spark a reaction in your brain that can get you to recall a memory so precious that you can even remember the clothes your uncles girlfriend was wearing lol…anyway what im getting to is that I remember when it was I with that look in my eye. just so happy that my dad suggested “hey come sit with me and watch rudolph..”it was such a simple gesture but as a child it meant so much to me that when I looked at my children tonight I knew that I kinda gave them an unforgettable…so I decided to start telling them about what things I remembered as a kid…lol so I told them I remember the footy pajamas that I would slide all over the floor and then shock my sister with static electricity lol I remember smelling the food (lol of course all of you are going to say “of course” but hey food is a big part of my life lmao) that my mother would work so hard on..I remember the fights and the “oh no you did not just say that” moments..lol I remember sleep overs with my cousins …and I remember being around awkward people that my mother would tell me was my family lol…anyway I was in the holiday spirit for a moment and decided to be a lil nostalgic but more so I was proud to be the high point of my kids day today… feel free to throw in any unforgettables of your own because one day when you lose everything, and at some point every one has to start over, the only thing that might bring a smile to your face is when you can say “I remember…….


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  1. i remember my father and i watching the nba on nbc for like 6 hours straight with those triple headers. he would be sipping his high life, me my coke and i was just happy to have a chance to vibe with my father.

    scattered pictures of the way we were

  2. Hmmm my unforgettable……. Well I guess the best one is the year we broke the mold. I mean we all go to our families houses and have to sit through the way “they” have done things for years…. Listening to the parents/ grown folks tell stories of previous years, laugh at jokes they have heard thirty times before and unbutton the pants cause they cant sit up straight. All the while talking so much shit about one another every other day out the year!
    For me looking at my own son and the true people I call “family” in my life it was important to do things that fit the real meaning of comfort and holidays for us….Not the bull shit that they call a family gathering!
    What I mean by comfort for us is….. Pajamas and extreme chaos….and of course FOOOOOOOOD! All of us in a house with kids running back and forth sneaking food as they pass…..dishes all over….and the usual crew sitting on couches waiting for the food to be “done already”.
    To me, the memories of the past are distorded and over rated….. and am glad to have generated, with my insane family, that are real and unaffected by fake impressions!

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