just a lil bit of some more good ol’ influencial advertising that i love so much. I guess at the time this might have seemed like a harmless advertisement but its definitely clear to me now that these ads did exactly what they were meant to do…get attention.Now I don’t know if its going to make me want to make MY home gaytop gay but im pretty sure it helped influence a certain”crowd” that was very happy, very very happy lol, to make their homes gaytop gay with a long life of “give and take”


4 Responses

  1. Hey Lex just checking out your stuff !
    Awesome tiger attack ,the tiger looked like it came out of nowhere and then was on that guy in a flash . Man them things is fast !!

    Bill at O house

  2. hey thanks bill yeah that tiger is impressive!! that video alone made the bengal tiger my favorite animal hands down

  3. Haha where did you find this ad? I am intrigued…I am looking at installing a new countertop, and I’m thinking that “gay”ing it up may be just what I need! jk

    -Chef from 2BB

  4. any home can be gay in just moments lol with plenty of give and take lmao i love this vintage stuff

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