Recently I posted “so fed up” on my brother site hulk hate time travel.com and I touched on a few of the issues in the world that had been getting on my nerves. Well this is my follow up rant for the things I missed in that one. I have to say that this recession has had such an effect on the world its crazy. I look at the news and see pirates hi-jackin ships? are you serious? We’ve got fuckin captain jack sparrow16648zjack-sparrow1on the high seas off the coast of Somalia? What the fuck?….You know this fuckin recession is bad when you get people turnin into pirates and shit. Im just sayin, I understand with people being as broke as they are lately every one is tryin to find a hustle, but jackin ships? What happened to the good ol’ days when niggas hustled bootleg t-shirts on the corner?….or those niggas that would harass you to buy their knock-off perfumes and colognes?(yall remember them niggas lol) I mean I get it but if you ask me I’m gonna handle this recession the only way I know how. I mean I’m black.. heh … I’ve been in a recession my whole life lol I know how to get by when I’m broke and now that the rich folks are going broke they startin to panic.. But I don’t, and I won’t….I’ma ride out this recession with some 200 proof homebrew and my Kryptonite…….Oh yes, I’m going to be fine.weed


4 Responses

  1. keep on brother, fo real but im must admit that green got me tripping hard i wanna swim in it like ducktales

  2. To put the pirate situation into perspective (outside of the filter of the American mainstream-keep ya stupid media) read this article from the Huffington Post “You Are Being Lied to About Pirates” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johann-hari/you-are-being-lied-to-abo_b_155147.html

    Americans know way too little about life outside of our little piece of land. Heck the United States population is ONLY 5% of the world’s population. The world has tons of problems, problems that existed before our little country even declared independence in 1776. ^_^

    • whoa that article is serious.. i like the quote to alexander. but it puts things into perspective for sure. honestly i don’t ever trust what america says is going on over seas especially the iraqi war shit….its all propganda

  3. I’ma come and hangout with you! LOL!

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