Honestly I never would have thought that growing up here would have had such an impact on my life. I never thought that I would see Worcester build and grow in the ways that it has since I was just a todler.I remember hearing my father and my uncles talk about how ROUTE 9 was practically a dirt road and White City consisted of just a local market. But look at her now… she’s co-signing and consolidating(as Nino Brown would say) and coming into her own faster than ever. I can’t wait till its me telling my son how Worcester used to be and where all of my old stomping grounds were. All I can say is that I’m happy for my kids to see the city I grew up in and that it continues to grow… just like them…just like me…. just like HHTT.






At a birthday celebration on sat march 28,2009 just off of Blue Hill Ave near Mattapan, 23-year-old Kerby Revelus fatally stabbed his 17-year-old sister Samantha and then his 5-year-old sister Bianca. Reports say that the police arrived to Kerby decapitating his 5-year-old sister and then brutally attacking his 9-year-old sister Sarafina. Kerby was shot dead during his assault on his 9-year-old sister who underwent surgery today and is expected to survive. There is NO FUCKING EXCUSE for this kind of violence. Even though police have no clue to why Kerby attacked I don’t think that any argument,fight,scuffle etc. warranted this kind of brutality. I don’t give a fuck what those girls did to Kerby, they did not deserve to go out like that.I have to ask myself what kind of monster could do such a thing, and then i think of how death was way to good for such an evil person. God bless this family to have to go through such a tragedy, I could only image the hurt of losing 1 child let alone 3…my heart goes out to this family and the community they live in.  Also to the police officers that had to witness such a tragic moment and still do their jobs. My heart goes out to you all.

APTOPIX Birthday Killings

A fund has been setup to aid the revelus family in this time of grief.

Revelus Family Fund

c/o Citizen’s Bank
540 Granite Street
Braintree, MA 02184





The chicken farm that is….wrights chicken farm in RI. This is a place i usually go with the family. you’ve got to, there are certain people that can handle wrights and certain people who can’t. you have to be driven by hunger or really really like the gift shop lol. OK here’s how it works; the chicken farm is all-you-can-eat and its open only 4 days of the week  Thursday-Sunday and you either get there right when the restaurant opens or you bring some extra cash and plan to play keno and drink beer or shop around the gift shop for about an hour. If your planning on checking it out be prepared to wait seriously. Any way after you get to finally sit (after the kids have turned your wallet inside out at the gift shop) a waitress will come ask if your having chicken or steak. Surprisingly people actually go to a chicken farm for steak, thats like going to a jaimacan restuarant for orange chicken lol but thats just me. Anyhow you end up gettin about 8 piecesof chicken to start,pasta and sauce,homemade french fries,salad and fresh buns. I think the anticipation of the meal helps make it so good cuz that first plate of chicken is always a bowl of bones in about 45 sec. With that being said, it is an awesome place to bring the family because you dont have to worry about disturbing anyones meal. I really wouldnt know though, I focus on the chicken lol, but its a loud fun place to eat and enjoy family time. And since there is a decent road trip to RI involved its relatively easy to make Wrights Chicken Farm a tradition in any family…


There’s always a critic in the family and thats my son. So this time instead of having my feast cut short by the lil bellies that fill up much faster than mine, I came prepared… take that lil buddy


and the fam continues the tradition….we’re going one more time before the summer is over




apparently growing up in mass around the early 1900’s it was easy to be a G. and IVER JOHNSONS ARMS&CYCLE WORKS was the place to get your hardware. this lovely peace of advertising and considered wrong on so many levels by todays standards, but this was actually acceptible at one point in time. I guess america has come a long way but it definately still has a long way to go. I wanna know who the guy was that thought it would be a good idea to make her night gown read “papa says it wont hurt us” lol and then hand this little girl a gun lmao. and then have then headline read “they shoot straight and kill” this peace is pure comedy. …..



the murray ave saga has many installments but this installment comes from a time that I like to call “idle hands”. as they say idle hands are a devils’ play ground and me and the murray ave cliks were living proof of this. as I can recall it was one boring ass friday night and I had few friends at my crib. and as everyone knows when the clik gets together,who ever is part of the clik that doesn’t show up always gets discussed.(in every clik this true) so this time the missing member of the clik was V. he lived the furthest from the ave so it was understandable but we still felt that we should find some way to….um….make him second guess about being absent when it is time to chill. so someone in the clik suggested that we call him. which I then decided that yes we should call, but we should prank call first. lol let the fun begin!! first we called and pretended to be greater media cable (that was before charter for you newbees) and told his mom that her cable was going to be shut off first thing in the its kinda mean but this shit was funny because V ends up getting on the phone and he’s pissed but doesn’t recognize my voice so we continue to fuck with him till he hangs up. we then decide he might be angry because he’s hungry, so i took the liberty of ordering him 7 cheese pizzas, 5 roni,and like 6 subs. lol lol. caller id made it kinda complicated but I just gave them my phone # and his later that nIght after the clik had dispersed I get a call from lol a very very angry delivery man that was cursin me out and sayin that I owed him like $ I was kinda shook though becuase my parents always ordered from there. well the next day we see V and ask him how his night went, he starts telling us about a crazy cable guy that called his crib and was threatening him and his mom,lol, and then he’s telling us about how he was duckin and turning out all of his lights in his house because a guy was at his door with a dolly full of food!!!he said he answered the door and told the guy he didn’t order all that food and the guy was like trippin over the snow bank dragging the pizza box’s in the snow swearin and dropping sandwiches and shit. lol we all busted out laughing our asses off . I believe from that point on V never missed another friday night at the ave. but we couldn’t order pizza for like a year after that lol! good times y’all



lol my cousin reminded me of a very funny story. it had to be sometime around….’91 or ’92. this story begins with my mom and my sister. (i could only imagine the stress of having six kids) my sister was giving my mom a real hard time one night. and this particular sister was a runner. she would always know that what she did would get her the “drop cord” so she would  run away with her friends and do what she wanted until she got caught. well this particular incident my mom had cooked a nice supper and heard that my sister was not going to come home. so naturally i didn’t care i was just thinkin “word up i can get two pork chops and extra cornbread!!”  of course things didn’t go according to plan for me as usual. my closest cousin was spending the night and my brother was fixin a plate for us. my mom had actually lost her mind at this point.she was calling all of my sisters friends on our kitchen phone that had that 50′ cord on it. lol. and she was just about completely tangled in it and cussing to herself. now i figure its the perfect time for my i go to retrieve an extra piece of pork chop and cornbread and there he was…my brother. little did i know he knew of my plan all along and was determined to crush my plan. as i approached the stove he stepped in my path and said “your not having anymore!” so i thought, ok i could do without another “poke”chop so i said “fine!” and reached to get some more of that sweet cornbread. it was good he takes the piece i was going to grab and asks my cousin if  he wants it. and oh yeah my cousin was addicted to cornbread. a hardcore fiend for the stuff. lol lol. anyway as usual my brother decides to get my mother involved but she is definately not in the mood to deal with this shit. so my brother begins to yell “mummy mummy he’s tryin to take more food!”  and out of no where this hand comes full force (i swear it broke the sound barrier) right accross the side of my face. my glasses hit the ceiling as they propelled accross the room and broke on the floor. leaving a look of pure shock even on my brothers’ face. after my mom realized it was my face that she slapped i could see her thinking of a way to justify her actions and the only thing she could come up with was “you been doin bad in school and shit now get out of my face!” i was actually too shocked to cry so i went to look for this pieces of my glasses. my brother, feeling bad that i got slapped the way that i did, helped me pick them up and then i went to my room.about five minutes later my cousin comes to my room and asks if i’m ok and then starts to turn his pocket inside out. so i said “yeah i’m ok,what are you doing?”i ask.and with a smile that could never be replicated, he extends a small piece of cornbread in his lol.we both began to laugh histerically. this had to be one of the funniest things i had ever saw in my life and it made my night that night alot easier. hey D this is my way of sayin thanks for havin my back cuz. cornbread2