Lost Loves

I am very nostalgic and i love to ,as michael jackson would put it,remember the time… so thats just what this page is about if you have something that you used to love like a hobby, a favorite tv show,things you did as a kid,or any thing else you can think of….shit i remember these little hostess snacks called “chocodiles” they were basically a twinkie dipped in chocolate but dam i loved those thangs….lol… anyway please feel free to share and we can reminisce over those” lost loves”



8 Responses

  1. just thought of another one of those lost loves of mine and any one who has ever owned a nintendo entertainment system and grew up in the 80’s would aggree…..this game was the shit and still is.

  2. I remember back in the day if you had a Nintendo game system you felt blessed lol

  3. haaha thats for sure i was also thinkin about one of my favorite saturday morning tv shows and brotha M should def agree CITY GUYS i used to love that show i used to get up, make a scrambled egg and cheese sandwich wit a big cup of fruit punch cool-aid and watch CITY GUYS and then THE WAYANS BROTHERS right after……..man those were the good ol days

  4. C-I-T-Y you can see why these guys………

  5. just thinkin of a couple more of those lost loves of mine and i would love to have thundercats, M.A.S.K. and voltron on dvd right now. those were the best cartoons ever.

  6. classic gen 1 transformers all day (such heroic nonsense)

  7. G.I. Joe, You Gotta Have That. Ren & Stimpy Me & Lex Would Watch That Shit Religously..Just Like Are You Afraid Of The Dark In The Back Room..Fun Times. 25 Cent Lumbega’s In The Paper Cups Puertoricans Would Sell..Use To Love Them Shits!!! Man I Miss Those

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