Lil’ Man Breakdown

lol i was lovin this vid checkout this lil man from milwaukee WI gettin down at his local talent show…enjoy



Now here’s a funny story from the other day with me and my good friend T dizzle. To set the plot all of our hhtt members headed down to our local radio spot 91.3 fm social light sounds hip hop show that air’s from 10pm to midnight. Now with that being said here’s the story; T.O.D. and I purchased pizza for the radio session I got a small half roni and cheese and T got a large cheese. while I was getting footage for HHTT i happened to look over at my pizza and noticed a slice of roni missing….at that time I looked at T who was turned away from me giggling uncontrolably. And the reason for his laughter……IMG00429 you see, my man T destroyed that slice in 3 bites hahaha. but its all love baby thanks for the laughs Tdizzle tod




This breaking news from the onion is simply hilarious. There’s no doubt that if Obama came to the Lincoln sq. Denny’s of  Worcester MA that he would seriously consider this change in his confidence in the ability of the average american citizen. Not only would the president be disgusted with the type of people that regularly infest that diner, but the fact that even Mr. “we made it” himself  would still have to wait over an hour for his “moons over my hammy” lol enjoy


hey people i know you missed me so im comin back and to start things off ima let y’all chill wit this sick melody from one of the sickest flows you will ever hear from a homeless dude, and his lonesome ass friend check it out and enjoy



Recently I posted “so fed up” on my brother site hulk hate time and I touched on a few of the issues in the world that had been getting on my nerves. Well this is my follow up rant for the things I missed in that one. I have to say that this recession has had such an effect on the world its crazy. I look at the news and see pirates hi-jackin ships? are you serious? We’ve got fuckin captain jack sparrow16648zjack-sparrow1on the high seas off the coast of Somalia? What the fuck?….You know this fuckin recession is bad when you get people turnin into pirates and shit. Im just sayin, I understand with people being as broke as they are lately every one is tryin to find a hustle, but jackin ships? What happened to the good ol’ days when niggas hustled bootleg t-shirts on the corner?….or those niggas that would harass you to buy their knock-off perfumes and colognes?(yall remember them niggas lol) I mean I get it but if you ask me I’m gonna handle this recession the only way I know how. I mean I’m black.. heh … I’ve been in a recession my whole life lol I know how to get by when I’m broke and now that the rich folks are going broke they startin to panic.. But I don’t, and I won’t….I’ma ride out this recession with some 200 proof homebrew and my Kryptonite…….Oh yes, I’m going to be fine.weed



On June 26, 1987 Stanley Kubrick wanted to give the world his vision of the journey from marine recruit to vietnam veteran in the film FULL METAL JACKET. Starring Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin,Vincent D’Onofrio and R. Lee Ermey, full metal jacket follows of group of new recruits on their transformation from civilians to marines. Now, I must say, the first half of this film is one of the rawest depictions of boot camp I’ve yet to see.The second half of the film is decent but its definitely hard to match the intensity of the beginning of this film. R. Lee Ermey delivers perhaps the best Drill Sargent performance ever. If he were actually acting he should have received an oscar but because that’s just him being himself  there is no real acting out of character, but either way he is awesome in this film. Vincent D’Onofrio known more popularly by his role in LAW & ORDER : CRIMINAL INTENT also gives an awesome performance in his role as private gomer pyle. Stanley Kubrick is a cinematic genious in my eyes. He is capable of taking control of what you think you know, throw it in a blender and serve it to you on the rocks all while you enjoy watching it happen. Stanleys skill of captivation is nearly unmatched. He is the Quentin Tarentino of the 80’s or Quentin is the Kubrick of the present I should say…either way, watch the clips and enjoy some of Kubricks best work.



People Chris Brown

CHRIS BROWN is set to be arraigned today for the charges of assault and battery on his girlfriend RHIANNA. sources say Chris and Rhianna or looking forward to putting this incident behind them which would be easier if Chris did not receive any jail time. I’m not sure how this not guilty thing is going to pan can he not be guilty? did Rhianna fall down some steps? did she bump her head tryin to get out of the Lamborghini? i guess we’ll wait and see what excuse browns lawyers can come up with….