Honestly I never would have thought that growing up here would have had such an impact on my life. I never thought that I would see Worcester build and grow in the ways that it has since I was just a todler.I remember hearing my father and my uncles talk about how ROUTE 9 was practically a dirt road and White City consisted of just a local market. But look at her now… she’s co-signing and consolidating(as Nino Brown would say) and coming into her own faster than ever. I can’t wait till its me telling my son how Worcester used to be and where all of my old stomping grounds were. All I can say is that I’m happy for my kids to see the city I grew up in and that it continues to grow… just like them…just like me…. just like HHTT.





just a lil bit of some more good ol’ influencial advertising that i love so much. I guess at the time this might have seemed like a harmless advertisement but its definitely clear to me now that these ads did exactly what they were meant to do…get attention.Now I don’t know if its going to make me want to make MY home gaytop gay but im pretty sure it helped influence a certain”crowd” that was very happy, very very happy lol, to make their homes gaytop gay with a long life of “give and take”



The chicken farm that is….wrights chicken farm in RI. This is a place i usually go with the family. you’ve got to, there are certain people that can handle wrights and certain people who can’t. you have to be driven by hunger or really really like the gift shop lol. OK here’s how it works; the chicken farm is all-you-can-eat and its open only 4 days of the week  Thursday-Sunday and you either get there right when the restaurant opens or you bring some extra cash and plan to play keno and drink beer or shop around the gift shop for about an hour. If your planning on checking it out be prepared to wait seriously. Any way after you get to finally sit (after the kids have turned your wallet inside out at the gift shop) a waitress will come ask if your having chicken or steak. Surprisingly people actually go to a chicken farm for steak, thats like going to a jaimacan restuarant for orange chicken lol but thats just me. Anyhow you end up gettin about 8 piecesof chicken to start,pasta and sauce,homemade french fries,salad and fresh buns. I think the anticipation of the meal helps make it so good cuz that first plate of chicken is always a bowl of bones in about 45 sec. With that being said, it is an awesome place to bring the family because you dont have to worry about disturbing anyones meal. I really wouldnt know though, I focus on the chicken lol, but its a loud fun place to eat and enjoy family time. And since there is a decent road trip to RI involved its relatively easy to make Wrights Chicken Farm a tradition in any family…


There’s always a critic in the family and thats my son. So this time instead of having my feast cut short by the lil bellies that fill up much faster than mine, I came prepared… take that lil buddy


and the fam continues the tradition….we’re going one more time before the summer is over



the times you never forget....
the times you never forget….

As I sit snuggled with my children watching Christmas and holiday specials on tv , im reminded of those special times that I like to call the unforgettables. Unforgettables are the fuel of memories good or bad, that are usually ignited by holidays and family gatherings. Unforgettables differ from your typical memories in the sense that a simple smell or taste or even a little deja vu can spark a reaction in your brain that can get you to recall a memory so precious that you can even remember the clothes your uncles girlfriend was wearing lol…anyway what im getting to is that I remember when it was I with that look in my eye. just so happy that my dad suggested “hey come sit with me and watch rudolph..”it was such a simple gesture but as a child it meant so much to me that when I looked at my children tonight I knew that I kinda gave them an unforgettable…so I decided to start telling them about what things I remembered as a kid…lol so I told them I remember the footy pajamas that I would slide all over the floor and then shock my sister with static electricity lol I remember smelling the food (lol of course all of you are going to say “of course” but hey food is a big part of my life lmao) that my mother would work so hard on..I remember the fights and the “oh no you did not just say that” I remember sleep overs with my cousins …and I remember being around awkward people that my mother would tell me was my family lol…anyway I was in the holiday spirit for a moment and decided to be a lil nostalgic but more so I was proud to be the high point of my kids day today… feel free to throw in any unforgettables of your own because one day when you lose everything, and at some point every one has to start over, the only thing that might bring a smile to your face is when you can say “I remember…….