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CHRIS BROWN is set to be arraigned today for the charges of assault and battery on his girlfriend RHIANNA. sources say Chris and Rhianna or looking forward to putting this incident behind them which would be easier if Chris did not receive any jail time. I’m not sure how this not guilty thing is going to pan can he not be guilty? did Rhianna fall down some steps? did she bump her head tryin to get out of the Lamborghini? i guess we’ll wait and see what excuse browns lawyers can come up with….





Vince Shlomi age 44 better known as the shamwow guy was arrested last month for punching a hooker in the face. Sources say Shlomi took 26 year old Sasha Harris back to his hotel room and paid her $1,000 for sex. When Vince tried to make good on his purchase and begin with a kiss Sasha bit down on his tongue and refused to let go. So vince began striking her repeatedly in her head and face untill she released his tongue. Both were arrested for aggrevated battery but the prosecuters declined to file charges against either. I guess sham-wow really does BEAT all lol.



The chicken farm that is….wrights chicken farm in RI. This is a place i usually go with the family. you’ve got to, there are certain people that can handle wrights and certain people who can’t. you have to be driven by hunger or really really like the gift shop lol. OK here’s how it works; the chicken farm is all-you-can-eat and its open only 4 days of the week  Thursday-Sunday and you either get there right when the restaurant opens or you bring some extra cash and plan to play keno and drink beer or shop around the gift shop for about an hour. If your planning on checking it out be prepared to wait seriously. Any way after you get to finally sit (after the kids have turned your wallet inside out at the gift shop) a waitress will come ask if your having chicken or steak. Surprisingly people actually go to a chicken farm for steak, thats like going to a jaimacan restuarant for orange chicken lol but thats just me. Anyhow you end up gettin about 8 piecesof chicken to start,pasta and sauce,homemade french fries,salad and fresh buns. I think the anticipation of the meal helps make it so good cuz that first plate of chicken is always a bowl of bones in about 45 sec. With that being said, it is an awesome place to bring the family because you dont have to worry about disturbing anyones meal. I really wouldnt know though, I focus on the chicken lol, but its a loud fun place to eat and enjoy family time. And since there is a decent road trip to RI involved its relatively easy to make Wrights Chicken Farm a tradition in any family…


There’s always a critic in the family and thats my son. So this time instead of having my feast cut short by the lil bellies that fill up much faster than mine, I came prepared… take that lil buddy


and the fam continues the tradition….we’re going one more time before the summer is over




MMMAN LISTEN……when i saw this McDonald’s commercial i was kinda shocked to know it was a commercial then it was hilarious to me because of the way this brotha sings… its classic comedy and he even adds that over-the-top Johnny Gill flavor that  most people forgot about haha…any way after watching it again i just thought of what would happen if this ad got into the hands of say….some Canadian tourists that had never met any urban black folks… ever…and they were watching some local TV and saw this ad…would they really think that urban black men sing to their late night creepin girlfriends about chicken nuggets????? lol lol needless to say i understand about target marketing but this one was bad McDonald’s..BAAADDDD…. and for those who didn’t know this is part of big mcd’s ad campaign named black 365 to target heavily populated urban areas with the majority being…. you guessed it….black folks, did you ever wonder why the Spanish channels commercial was different from the BET one and the NBC one. still none are as embarrassing as this…..       




A california man goes on trial this week for attacking his EX girlfriend with a knife..the motive?……he wanted his $8,000 implants back and he was gonna do the job himself. Thomas Lee Rowley is being charged with attempted murder after waiting outside of his ex girlfiends mothers house to pounce on her with a knife….

killaauthorities revealed that the woman was stabbed several times in the head and torso. while he did manage to do some damage to the implants he was unsuccessful in removing them. the implants were later fixed by her new boyfriend…haha makes you wonder what woulda happened if he paid for a ladies be careful when you hear a man say “im gonna get what i paid for”