Recently I posted “so fed up” on my brother site hulk hate time travel.com and I touched on a few of the issues in the world that had been getting on my nerves. Well this is my follow up rant for the things I missed in that one. I have to say that this recession has had such an effect on the world its crazy. I look at the news and see pirates hi-jackin ships? are you serious? We’ve got fuckin captain jack sparrow16648zjack-sparrow1on the high seas off the coast of Somalia? What the fuck?….You know this fuckin recession is bad when you get people turnin into pirates and shit. Im just sayin, I understand with people being as broke as they are lately every one is tryin to find a hustle, but jackin ships? What happened to the good ol’ days when niggas hustled bootleg t-shirts on the corner?….or those niggas that would harass you to buy their knock-off perfumes and colognes?(yall remember them niggas lol) I mean I get it but if you ask me I’m gonna handle this recession the only way I know how. I mean I’m black.. heh … I’ve been in a recession my whole life lol I know how to get by when I’m broke and now that the rich folks are going broke they startin to panic.. But I don’t, and I won’t….I’ma ride out this recession with some 200 proof homebrew and my Kryptonite…….Oh yes, I’m going to be fine.weed




On June 26, 1987 Stanley Kubrick wanted to give the world his vision of the journey from marine recruit to vietnam veteran in the film FULL METAL JACKET. Starring Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin,Vincent D’Onofrio and R. Lee Ermey, full metal jacket follows of group of new recruits on their transformation from civilians to marines. Now, I must say, the first half of this film is one of the rawest depictions of boot camp I’ve yet to see.The second half of the film is decent but its definitely hard to match the intensity of the beginning of this film. R. Lee Ermey delivers perhaps the best Drill Sargent performance ever. If he were actually acting he should have received an oscar but because that’s just him being himself  there is no real acting out of character, but either way he is awesome in this film. Vincent D’Onofrio known more popularly by his role in LAW & ORDER : CRIMINAL INTENT also gives an awesome performance in his role as private gomer pyle. Stanley Kubrick is a cinematic genious in my eyes. He is capable of taking control of what you think you know, throw it in a blender and serve it to you on the rocks all while you enjoy watching it happen. Stanleys skill of captivation is nearly unmatched. He is the Quentin Tarentino of the 80’s or Quentin is the Kubrick of the present I should say…either way, watch the clips and enjoy some of Kubricks best work.



Pittsburgh Shooting

Ok here we go again. Now here we have a young 23 year old man who sources are saying is a “fun loving”, “easy going”,and “not that kind of person” yet he murdered 3 police officers in cold blood and wounded another two. This incident began with the police being called for a domestic dispute after Richard Poplawski argued with his mom who threatened to evict him. This argument stemmed from his mother being upset about his dog pissin all over the house. Anyway, upon arrival Poplawski gunned down the two officers that responded to the domestic call. Without any warning at all. A third officer responded to the seen and was gunned down as well. All 3 officers died from their gunshot wounds.Poplowski who was shot in the leg and in the chest also wounded two other officers befor a 3 hour stand-off.Pittsburgh Shooting With snipers at the ready Poplowski decided to call a few of his friends to say good bye and that he thought he was going to die. Poplawski later surrendered to the police. police learned from Poplawski’s friends that he was getting ready for the end of the world. He had begun to stock pile food and weapons including an AK-47, a rifle and a handgun. The only motive that had come -up for the murders, is that  Poplawski feared that the government was going to take away his gun rights hence the “obama gun ban.” So with the question of mental illness fresh at hand from the brutal murders in Milton, is this a situation that could have been averted? is this something that could have been prevented with a mental health evaluation and  medication? Or is this just the case of an angry youth with no regard for authority or human life? …. in either case my heart goes out to the police officers who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence and to their families.



apparently growing up in mass around the early 1900’s it was easy to be a G. and IVER JOHNSONS ARMS&CYCLE WORKS was the place to get your hardware. this lovely peace of advertising and considered wrong on so many levels by todays standards, but this was actually acceptible at one point in time. I guess america has come a long way but it definately still has a long way to go. I wanna know who the guy was that thought it would be a good idea to make her night gown read “papa says it wont hurt us” lol and then hand this little girl a gun lmao. and then have then headline read “they shoot straight and kill” this peace is pure comedy. …..





I’ve been posting on my brother site http://www.hulkhatetimetravel.com  and recently ive gone back and started watching some of the teenaged black folks movies that have influenced my life such as JUICE,BOYZ IN THE HOOD,MENACE II SOCIETY etc. And after all that seriousness there is nothing more please than watching a wayans brothers spoof. I dont think i have ever laughed harder at a movie in my life. Oh man me and av would always find something new to laugh at even after watching it for the 45th time. and then try watchin it blazed up and you’ll pass out from laughin so hard. This is truly the most played dvd of my collection. So please sit back and enjoy a couple of my favorite scenes from this classic….



The entire graduating class of the Worcester Police Academy at Worcester Technical High School proudly received their badges yesterday which ultimately ended up being a bittersweet moment as they are set to return those fresh new badges for immediate lay-offs tomorrow. I could only imagine what it must feel like to go through 25 weeks of weapons and classroom training  just to hear; hey good job but we don’t have work for you so we’re gonna need that badge back. a total of 32 recruits were laid off and there could be more to come due to the tight fiscal constraints on the Worcester Police Department.  Worcester stands to lose upwards of 90 officers including retirees.


WPD has made similar cuts in the past,  most recently were the cuts of 2004 which led to the most violent summer in Worcester’s history.”In 2004  gun violence was crazy in the city” stated police chief  Gary J. Gemme, “We had guns,gangs that whole culture of violence”this leaves me to think.. what now? With jobs harder to come by, people start looking to get money by any means necessary,and with the police force functioning at minimum, Worcester could be subject to the same kind of violence that gripped the city in 2004 and 2005. With a total of 62 shooting incidents,70 shooting victims and 12 fatalities in less than 24 months it doesn’t take very long for the crime to spike so i hope we are all paying attention because things aren’t going to get any easier any time soon….



“Hey brotha, you wanna get the mans foot off your kneck?”   this Hughes brothers classic from 1995 follows the life of a young teen graduating from high school ready to face the world during a turbulant vietnam war era. Rather than getting  off on a stereotypically racial standpoint the Hughes brothers focused more on the becoming of a man for young Anthony Curtis(larenz tate). The movie does a good job keeping with the 1960’s and 70’s feel, strongly due to one of the best soundtracks ever made and the simple visuals of classic cars and such. Though the filming can be summed up as average the thing that makes this movie a classic is the dialogue. DP is def the most quotably pleasing movie I have ever seen. Keith David, Chris Tucker, Bokeem Woodbine and even Therance Howard provide some of the best quotes ever. for example Kirby(keith david) has some of the most reusable quotes like “Thats y’alls muthafuckin punkass friend” and “thats uncle sam for ya, money ta boyn(<-thats not a typo thats how he says it lol) bokeem provides my favorite with the powerful”Hey doc Shut the Fuck up ya don’t know shit”and the comical chris tucker rules one of my favorite seens with the ever funny”now say some mo shit!! i’ll knock yo ass right back down wit yo fake ass, wannabe preacher, no members havin muthafucka!!!!” ahahaaha oh the laughs i love this movie hands down. if you haven’t seen it or just haven’t seen it lately watch it and see if you dont come away quotin somethin from it…..”gi’e dat ta kirby”