Honestly I never would have thought that growing up here would have had such an impact on my life. I never thought that I would see Worcester build and grow in the ways that it has since I was just a todler.I remember hearing my father and my uncles talk about how ROUTE 9 was practically a dirt road and White City consisted of just a local market. But look at her now… she’s co-signing and consolidating(as Nino Brown would say) and coming into her own faster than ever. I can’t wait till its me telling my son how Worcester used to be and where all of my old stomping grounds were. All I can say is that I’m happy for my kids to see the city I grew up in and that it continues to grow… just like them…just like me…. just like HHTT.





the murray ave saga has many installments but this installment comes from a time that I like to call “idle hands”. as they say idle hands are a devils’ play ground and me and the murray ave cliks were living proof of this. as I can recall it was one boring ass friday night and I had few friends at my crib. and as everyone knows when the clik gets together,who ever is part of the clik that doesn’t show up always gets discussed.(in every clik this true) so this time the missing member of the clik was V. he lived the furthest from the ave so it was understandable but we still felt that we should find some way to….um….make him second guess about being absent when it is time to chill. so someone in the clik suggested that we call him. which I then decided that yes we should call, but we should prank call first. lol let the fun begin!! first we called and pretended to be greater media cable (that was before charter for you newbees) and told his mom that her cable was going to be shut off first thing in the its kinda mean but this shit was funny because V ends up getting on the phone and he’s pissed but doesn’t recognize my voice so we continue to fuck with him till he hangs up. we then decide he might be angry because he’s hungry, so i took the liberty of ordering him 7 cheese pizzas, 5 roni,and like 6 subs. lol lol. caller id made it kinda complicated but I just gave them my phone # and his later that nIght after the clik had dispersed I get a call from lol a very very angry delivery man that was cursin me out and sayin that I owed him like $ I was kinda shook though becuase my parents always ordered from there. well the next day we see V and ask him how his night went, he starts telling us about a crazy cable guy that called his crib and was threatening him and his mom,lol, and then he’s telling us about how he was duckin and turning out all of his lights in his house because a guy was at his door with a dolly full of food!!!he said he answered the door and told the guy he didn’t order all that food and the guy was like trippin over the snow bank dragging the pizza box’s in the snow swearin and dropping sandwiches and shit. lol we all busted out laughing our asses off . I believe from that point on V never missed another friday night at the ave. but we couldn’t order pizza for like a year after that lol! good times y’all

The Murray Ave Chronicles I (true stories) the “drop cord”

GOV WHIP 19970428

Growing up as the last of six children in any family is not an easy task. but to grow up in the hazard house meant survival of the fittest. and you learned this at an early age thanks to a little device i liked to call the drop cord. what is this “drop cord” you ask? well it is as simple as the name it is given. the “cord” part comes from the light weight telephone cord that was tied in knots and held with both ends in one hand creating a tear drop shape. and well the “drop” part; when this cord is swung at high velocity and connects with the outer,inner or back of the thigh, the buttocks,or lower back, one simply can not resist the natural reflex to to….drop. oh the days…..i remember the first day i was officially eligible to recieve the drop cord. see for a while i could get away with a hand slap for doing something wrong or a smack on the butt. while my brother and sisters would get whooped with the drop cord. sometimes this was funny to me as most of those times i would cause the trouble but knew i would get off this was funny until that first time that i was “old enough” to get it too. the earliest meeting with the drop cord that i can recall is one of the rare times me and my brother were getting along.i believe i was about 7 years old and my brother was around 12 or 13. we had to clean our room and came accross two sets of old winter gloves. so my brother got the idea to have a boxing match with me,to show me how to fight. this was also the first time i remember getting hit in the eye. it was a pretty good punch. i kinda just remember this white flash then picking myself up off the lol.anyway after i got up i kinda went crazy instead of crying i started to attack my brother. getting in some good punches and feeling like i was invincible i continued as my brother yelled stop! and mummy!lol. MAN!! it felt SO good to finally beat on him after all those times he would pick on me or punch me to watch me cry. i felt like i was on top of the world or at least until i heard the words THATS IT! GET TO THE BACK! AND PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE DEEP FREEZER! this meant to go to the end of our apt that had the deep freezer. it was like a second living room just for the kids. the drop cord ceremony could not begin until the participants were facing the deep freezer with both of their hands placed on top. so i watched as my brother pleaded to not get whooped, this part was also very very funny. so after he hits the floor and starts screaming, naturally i begin to stick out my hands as if to take the punishment which was the most suitable for my age, or so i thought. PUT YOUR HANDS UP THERE TOO! my mother yelled. whoaaaa hold up a minute!  i thought to myself. i’m still too young for this! i have another year atleast! a look of utter befuttlement enveloped my face almost as if i were to question here motives. but to question her would have only brought more pain in to the equasion. so like my rights into passage i placed my hands on the deep freezer and braced myself  for the pain that was capable of bringing all of my siblings calapsing to the floor with one or two strikes. at this very moment i knew my life would never be the same ever again……