Recently I posted “so fed up” on my brother site hulk hate time travel.com and I touched on a few of the issues in the world that had been getting on my nerves. Well this is my follow up rant for the things I missed in that one. I have to say that this recession has had such an effect on the world its crazy. I look at the news and see pirates hi-jackin ships? are you serious? We’ve got fuckin captain jack sparrow16648zjack-sparrow1on the high seas off the coast of Somalia? What the fuck?….You know this fuckin recession is bad when you get people turnin into pirates and shit. Im just sayin, I understand with people being as broke as they are lately every one is tryin to find a hustle, but jackin ships? What happened to the good ol’ days when niggas hustled bootleg t-shirts on the corner?….or those niggas that would harass you to buy their knock-off perfumes and colognes?(yall remember them niggas lol) I mean I get it but if you ask me I’m gonna handle this recession the only way I know how. I mean I’m black.. heh … I’ve been in a recession my whole life lol I know how to get by when I’m broke and now that the rich folks are going broke they startin to panic.. But I don’t, and I won’t….I’ma ride out this recession with some 200 proof homebrew and my Kryptonite…….Oh yes, I’m going to be fine.weed





I’ve been posting on my brother site http://www.hulkhatetimetravel.com  and recently ive gone back and started watching some of the teenaged black folks movies that have influenced my life such as JUICE,BOYZ IN THE HOOD,MENACE II SOCIETY etc. And after all that seriousness there is nothing more please than watching a wayans brothers spoof. I dont think i have ever laughed harder at a movie in my life. Oh man me and av would always find something new to laugh at even after watching it for the 45th time. and then try watchin it blazed up and you’ll pass out from laughin so hard. This is truly the most played dvd of my collection. So please sit back and enjoy a couple of my favorite scenes from this classic….